FOUR reasons why you should wear hair extensions! - Sandy Bella

FOUR reasons why you should wear hair extensions!


Hi, Bella’s & welcome to our blog where we discuss everything beauty! Today's blog we want to share 4 reasons why you should wear hair extensions!




Hair extensions are the perfect solution for instantly longer hair. Using Sandy Bella hair extensions you can achieve the hair of your dreams in minutes! Our hair comes in 20 and 24 inches.




Have you ever wanted to completely change the color of your hair but been too scared to go through with it? This is such a common problem, you can use our wide range of colored hair extensions to create a unique blend without having to apply harsh lightening products to your natural hair.




Many women have experienced hair loss due to pregnancy or stress, for others, their hair just isn’t naturally full. Our weft hair extensions at Sandy Bella come in 160 grams and 200 grams. Our 160 grams is ideal for women with thin hair but want natural volume, whereas our 200-gram option is better suited to those who want a super dramatic look.




It's a fact that hair extensions can make you instantly feel more confident about yourself. Hair is such an important aspect of women femininity and there isn’t a better feeling than knowing you look amazing!


All my love Bella’s xoxo






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