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How To Wear Hair Extensions in A Ponytail

Bella Hair Extensions are clip-in ponytails with extensions that are exceptionally intended to add thickness to length to a customary ponytail in a split second. It is time to say goodbye to the real ponytails and Hi to fun, voluminous ponytails with extensions that can be styled in a high braid, low ponytail, interlaced pigtail, or even bun. No longer is the need for basically concealing unwashed or un-styled hair, we're surrendering braids a shine. 

Each Bella ponytail with extensions comes with the following: 

  1. One 120g 20" Ponytail with extension 
  2. 2 bobby pins pre-coordinated to the expansion's texture 
  3. 1 analyzer weft

Keeping these things in mind, there might be a lot of benefits that a person can have while using these clip-in hair extensions. Below are some of the many benefits: 

  • Change Second Day Hair from the Comfort of your Couch 

  • We get might have not washed our hair in days by the same token. Effectively change oily or sleek hair into ponytail flawlessness with Sandy Hair clip-in extensions. Presently, you can hit up virtual wine night with the young ladies after your home exercise or express yes to an improvised FaceTime with your pound. 

  • Makes Longer, Fuller, and Bouncier Ponytails Every Time 

  • On the off chance that you find your ponytail with extensions do not have that Elle Woods level life and skip because of diminishing, more limited length, dryness, or fragility; ponytail tape-in extensions or clip-in extensions are the solutions for longer thicker ponytails right away. 

  • Opens Up a World of Hairstyle Possibilities 

  • Ever attempted to make a meshed ponytail just for your layers to poke out? What about tossing your hair into a bun just to be left with a dead look? With clip-in ponytail expansions, braided ponytails, high ponytails, low ponytails; voluminous buns are completely made conceivable.

    How To Do A Ponytail With Extension

    How To Apply Ponytail Hair Extensions

    In case you're wanting to warm style your Ponytail Extension, we prescribe doing this before appending it to your hair. 


    Brush your hair into a high braid at the crown of your head. Position your braid somewhat higher than you mean to wear it and secure it with a fastener. 


    Gently brush through your ponytail with extension utilizing our Loop Hair Extensions Brush, or a wide-toothed brush or wide-comb brush to eliminate any knot. 


    Slide the brush under your fastener at the highest point of your ponytail. Wrap the velcro base around your braid until it's firmly covered and secure. 


    Wrap the hair strand around the base of the ponytail to hide the band. Utilize the Bella bobby pins to make sure about setting up. Step by step instructions to do a ponytail with expansions 

    Stage 5: SHAKE, STYLE, GO! 

    Move your head around to guarantee your Ponytail has a sense of safety. Smooth and straight or prodded and disheveled, rock your Sandy Bella Ponytail anyway you, please.

    What Hairstyle Works Out Positively for Ponytail Extensions? 


    To make a low braid with the Bella Hair Ponytail Extension, just tie your hair at the scruff of your neck before folding the expansion over your hair. Proceed with all means as typical and make the most of your new, ultra-long horse. 

    LOW PONYTAIL | Sandy Bella Hair Extensions


    A voluminous bun has never been simpler. To get this look, start by making sure about your braid expansion as ordinary at the crown of your head. Next, split the pigtail into two equivalent areas. Then curve each segment until you have two long bends, at that point fold the turns over one another to make a thick rope interlace. At last, wrap this rope interlace around itself at the base, and bobby pin the heck out of it. 

    Ponytail BUN Hairstyle |  Sandy Bella Hair Extensions

    These are two of the many and most used hairstyles that work positively for a ponytail with extensions, others include double twisted ponytail, fishtail ponytail, giant wrap ponytail, bubble ponytail, Sleek High Ponytail With Extensions and the list goes on. To understand more about these other hairstyles, every hairstyle has a different purpose and can be used on different occasions - let us learn more about each of them. 

    The first one is an excellent and ageless hairdo. This ponytail is awesome if it's an exemplary look you're after. The second one, a fishtail ponytail is anything but difficult to accomplish and has a decent bohemian vibe, ideal for the young lady who needs an option in contrast to a generally twisted braid. Missy Sue is utilizing a couple of wefts of her 220g Dirty Blonde Bella Hair Extensions for some additional volume and length. And then, the third one says this excessively basic hairdo is ideal for energizing that ordinary horse. For a video instructional exercise, look at the main haircut in the video beneath. Mimi is utilizing her 220g Ombré Chestnut Bella Hair expansions for some additional volume and length. 

    In addition to these, if you need some night out ponytail inspiration? The bubble ponytail excessively simple air pocket ponytail is an extraordinary method to make an easy yet extravagant look. Mimi is utilizing her 220g Ombre Chestnut Bella Hair extensions for additional volume, to ensure those air pockets truly stick out. And lastly, if you need a very smooth ponytail to cause you to feel like a complete young lady chief? This sleek high ponytail with extension is the best option for you. 

    Now that we have covered which style looks positive for a ponytail with extensions, let’s dive more into the usage of it and find how to use these clip-in extensions:

    How To Use Ponytail with Extensions 


    Truly! Although Sandy Bella Hair clip-in ponytails arrive in a standard 20" length, you are free to have them managed to your preferred length by an expert hairdresser. Since all Bella Hair extensions are made with 100% Remy human hair, they can be trimmed much the same as your regular hair. 


    We prescribe to wash the ponytail extensions every 30 wears, and just if there is an excess of item development to the point that they become unmanageable to style. When washing your ponytail with extensions, make certain to utilize liquor and sulfate-free hair items, just as a profound molding treatment for a couple of hours or even for the time being, to reestablish dampness back into the hair.


    Yes! Due to the extension being made with Remy human hair, you can style the ponytail extension like your own natural hair. Having said that, be sure to use a maximum heat setting of 120C/250F and to use a heat protectant before styling. 


    Bella Hair ponytails with extensions come with a velcro base to secure the extension around your natural ponytail, and an attached section of hair that wraps around the base to conceal the piece seamlessly. It will be our little secret.


    Bella Hair ponytails with extensions come with a small comb attachment, which slides underneath your hair elastic to hold the ponytail in place. There is also a velcro base, which snaps together to secure the ponytail. Finally, a long strand of hair is wrapped around the base with 2 matching bobby pins provided to secure it in place.


    Probably not! Since we give you 2 coordinating bobby sticks just as a velcro base, the ponytail extension is firmly made sure about. So feel free to release your internal Ariana and whip that ponytail back and forth. 


    Not a chance! Much the same as all Bella Hair expansions, your last look will be regular and the extensions will be imperceptible. In light of the more drawn out hair stand appended to the ponytail and additional bobby pins given, you can without much of a stretch shroud the base of the ponytail extension prudently.


    To decide how long the Bella Hair ponytail with extensions will be on you, we suggest estimating 20 crawls down from the crown of your head or where you will be tying your hair up. This will give you a thought of where the ponytail extension will fall in you. Keep in mind, the lower the horse, the more it will be.


    Much the same as the remainder of our extensions, Bella Hair ponytail extensions will just require a couple of moments to apply. With a touch of training, you can have a more extended, thicker ponytail in under 5 minutes. 


    Your hair ought to be sufficiently long to integrate with a bun or little ponytail that can be either low, medium, or high. The main thing to remember is that there ought to be a bun or a current ponytail that the Bella Hair Ponytail Extension can append to.


    No, the consideration guidelines are equivalent to our Clip-In and tape-in hair extensions. There are a few care instructions mentioned below and in addition to these, we also suggest that you can look at some other blog posts for the entirety of our tips on the most proficient method to appropriately focus on your extensions. When in doubt of thumb, the less you wash your expansions the more they will last you. You can utilize your best judgment on how regularly to wash your Ponytail Extension. If you feel like it's getting progressively hard to style, this is likely a sign that there is item development and it should be washed.

    So, regardless of whether you're new to Bella hair extensions or have used them previously, it's consistently a smart thought to revive your memory on the most proficient method to appropriately deal with them. It's critical to get into a decent everyday practice with your hair extensions from the beginning since great propensities equivalent longer enduring extensions. 

    Peruse on to gain proficiency with hair extensions care, tips, and deceives to guarantee your set carries on with a long and glad life. While we talk generally about clip-in hair extensions, the data is pertinent for most sorts of great human hair extensions. 

    With standard consideration and consideration, you can guarantee your hair extensions keep going as far as might be feasible and stay looking sound. Thus, if you need to figure out how to appropriately deal with your clip-in hair extensions, read further on to find out more about storing hair extensions and which products to avoid in order to keep your Bella hair extensions strong and healthy. 


    It requires a couple of moments to take care of your Bella Hair extensions, and those couple of moments can have a significant effect on the quality and life expectancy of your extensions. In the wake of eliminating your clip-in hair extensions, guarantee that the entirety of the clips are shut closed. While preparing your extensions for capacity, we generally suggest brushing the set. Continuously ensure you store your augmentations in a cool and dry spot away from direct daylight. In addition to this, guarantee your extensions are totally dry while putting away them to keep form and different microbes from developing. 

    One alternative to store your extensions is in the capacity enclosed in which they come in. The Bella Hair box is explicitly planned so you can keep and reuse it as a capacity holder for your extensions. On the other hand, you can likewise utilize an impermeable holder or a shoebox. Whenever you have brushed your extensions out, utilize a fastener to make sure about the hair near the base of the wefts as a braid, at that point delicately fold the augmentations into a circle and spot them into the container. 

    Regardless of whether you're searching for a spot to store your Sandy hair while voyaging, need to make sure about them while styling, or simply need a more reduced and multi-reason stockpiling option in contrast to the excellent box they show up in, the Bella Hair Extensions Carrier is the arrangement you've been hanging tight for. It will help forestall harm and tangling, which thus, builds the life expectancy of your extensions. Putting away your hair extensions in this manner will likewise help keep up the state of your extensions longer, which is incredible if you've styled the expansions and need to keep up the search for as far as might be feasible.


    One of the most important things to consider when taking care of your extensions is to ensure that you are using the proper products. This will make all the difference in whether your extensions will tangle or stay soft and manageable. Be sure to check the ingredient listing and ensure you don’t see the words: SLS, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Alcohol Denat, Ethanol, SD Alcohol 40, Propanol, Isopropyl, and Propyl.

    Buying sans sulfate and liquor free items is a need. These fixings strip the hair of its characteristic oils which, thus, makes the hair drier and more inclined to tangling or tangling. Drawn out utilization of these fixings can influence the respectability of the hair, shortening the life expectancy of your hair extensions fundamentally. Keep in mind, items that are liberated from sulfates probably won't deliver a lot of foam, as this is the particular fixings used to make those foamy bubbles, nonetheless, these items will do similarly as great of a work purifying your Bella hair extensions without stripping the hair of dampness. 

    Continuously make certain to do something straightforward before you purchase any item… flip it over! Numerous items out there have sulfates and liquor covered up in their recipes. Not all organizations professing to make without sulfate shampoos are liberated from sulfates. This is the reason it is critical to realize what to search for when understanding fixings. 

    Moreover, utilizing tacky items, for example, hair shower, hair gel, or hair wax, can and likely will stop your extensions. Besides, the more items you use, the more you should wash them. Keep in mind, over washing prompts dry and tangled augmentations. Additionally, remember that the items that you use in your normal hair can travel onto your expansions from consistent head development and warmth from your scalp.

    Instructions to pick your ponytail tone 

    We prescribe coordinating your Ponytail Extension to the mid-closures of your hair - the hair shading that will be noticeable right over the beginning of the ponytail. For help picking your ideal match, you can look at our shading guide. Your Bella Hair Ponytail Extension will likewise accompany an analyzer sample with the goal that you can test it out before focusing on the Ponytail Extension. Lastly, you are, obviously, welcome to explore different avenues regarding shading when wearing ponytail extensions. Try a darker or lighter shade, or even features or balayage to zest up your horse.

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    Got enough ideas? Still need some more help? Sandy Bella offers the best price with the no questions asked money-back guarantee, effortless PayPal payments, and efficient tracking information. Head over to Sandy Bella’s Website or email us at and get yourself the best ponytail with extensions. 

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